Sound Audition

Sound Audition will test your listening skills and audio mixing reasoning — then will compare with the global average of other audio engineers — and your own team of audio engineers.
OK, want a sample?

What is wrong in this following example?

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Love it! Such a great tool…all my sound guys take it. Very Insightful!
– Technical Arts Director

An amazing audio engineer was among us — and we didn’t know it until we had our entire team use Sound Audition.
– Producer

Freaking sweet!
– Technical Arts Director

This is def the kind of thing that I’d love to point people towards.
– Nashville Audio Engineer

An excellent tool for assessing the skill level of your audio personnel…then enables you to develop a plan for growth and training.
– Worship Leader

Finally, besides the interview, a tool to adequately measure an individual’s audio expertise.
– Musician

Really loving this right now…what a great resource.
– Worship Director