After working on both sides of the microphone — I learned quickly that how an audio engineer perceives sound can make or break any event. The online “ear audition” was born to help get the best operators behind the most important instrument in the room — and to train engineers how they might improve the training of others.

If I can be of help to you or your team — or you have questions about Sound Audition, email me bryan@soundaudition.com — I reply to every email!

Bryan Nelson


How do I invite others in my organization to take an audition?

After you are logged into your account, use the “Invite” tab located on your main audition page.  You only need a person’s name and email address to send them an audition. An email will be sent to them inviting them to take their audition.

How do I purchase Sound Audition to use after my free trial?

After the free trial, you can access the payment page to purchase single auditions or an annual subscription for unlimited auditions. You will want to be logged into your account when you checkout for payment.

Needing support or a question answered?

If you are a paying client, we resolve every issue — simply email support@soundaudition.com with any support you might need.

Privacy Policy & Terms

Our Privacy Policy & Terms and yada yada is here.